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Friends are like libraries. Every bookshelf is a person, and each bookshelf has different books – some interesting, others boring, and also some really sad ones. It’s fascinating to reading them, to think about their content, to turn pages. And sometimes, it is also necessary to close the book, perhaps for some time, perhaps forever. […]



When your brain is blank, mind the gap. When you’re swamped, lay down. Explore the void, blank peace you are to have after you have accomplished of your own desires. Lay on your bed, and watch the ceiling. At first, it will be white – or whatever colour your ceiling has. But don’t worry, continue […]


Is it?

Is it really so dangerous? Watching time fly by… Not doing anything but perceiving, noticing that it flows into the past, continuously. It seems so innocent, this process.  Is it really so boring? Having so many ideas, wanting to access them, but their drawer is locked – and no key is available. Seems to be […]


They pass by

Locked in – that’s what you are. Everywhere around you, there is no escape. You can see it in the eyes of people passing by on the outside. They will glance at you, ignorantly or even full of pity. But besides staring, they don’t seem to be moved to action, not even being inspired to, […]



Some people like to be relentless travellers: Being an explorer is just part of your DNA. Last month it was the sierra, today you chose the calming seaside, and next week you’ll be on impressive mountains …  Incorporating the unique spots and meshes of emotions linked to each spot, you grow in proportion to the amount […]

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