Only you

My joy.
My happiness.
My gift.
That is you.

My smile.
My heart.
My mouse.
That is you.

My haven of peace.
My sun.
My energy.
My love.
That is you,
Only you.



Life is hard
And will be harder
Difficult to bear with
And critical times.

After the big change
Life will be wonderful
And lots of work
Thousand years, they wait.

And the two of us
We have the eternity
To do His will
And to go hand in hand.


Driving in the snow

My eyes fixed to the driving lane
But to the left and the right along
There are trees, normally green
Today white and they almost shine. 

Throwing their pattern of bright and dark
Of shadow and light
They make up the road‘s face
Its dreamy design out of snow. 

Now straight ahead, then curvy
And from time to time, flakes tumbling
Sparkles shining when seldom
A single sun ray finds its way. 

The forest besides the road
It emits a comfy,
Marvellous silence
And lets me enjoy the moment.



Phone. Conversation. Flowers. Patience. Language. Repeating. Translating. Waiting. Reading. Speaking, with difficulty. Smiling. Investing. Correcting. Learning. Getting to know each other. Cat. Female cat. Marriage. Strength. Joy. Curiosity. Missing, a bit. Speechless.

All that, that is us.



The wind glides, as if by an invisible hand, over the great, wide white that reaches to the row of trees back there. The air seems almost frozen. Various spots glitter, they flash briefly and then disappear again, leaving the stage to others. The sun is low in the sky, casting its pale glow over the field. Last night it had snowed, now it glistens and is beautiful in its own unique way. Calm. Sleeping. Crystal clear. It is winter.

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