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Some people like to be relentless travellers: Being an explorer is just part of your DNA. Last month it was the sierra, today you chose the calming seaside, and next week you’ll be on impressive mountains …  Incorporating the unique spots and meshes of emotions linked to each spot, you grow in proportion to the amount […]



Keep living, keep breathing. Keep smiling, at times. Keep ignoring bad things. Keep in mind happy moments. Keep hating the winter, keep loving the summer beach. Keep drinking coffee, keep being Rory. Keep reading, and please do keep writing. Keep caring for sheep in a box and for frogs with a flower. Keep being silent, […]



“But … I thought you had waited for a unique chance, for an undisturbed moment, to tell me what’s on your mind. Something you’d like to share – just with me. I expected you to!” Her eyes wide open, she looked at him, astonished and having forgotten to close her mouth. And then she had […]


The Spot

Been talking to lots of people Been saying many things Having had some quite close friends Yet still, there is an empty spot Seen the silence of the snow Watched the tulips grow along Felt the warm light of the summer Loved the colours of the fall Had a crush when I was young Fell […]



Always loved to take decisions What shall I eat? What will I do? When will I rest? Oftentimes, others took them for me “Let’s have dinner” “We’re going out now” “It’s past your bedtime” I have loved the seaside Seeing the water come Almost not to notice Accompanied by the seagulls Since then, I saw […]

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