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Driving in the snow

My eyes fixed to the driving laneBut to the left and the right alongThere are trees, normally greenToday white and they almost shine.  Throwing their pattern of bright and darkOf shadow and lightThey make up the road‘s faceIts dreamy design out of snow.  Now straight ahead, then curvyAnd from time to time, flakes tumblingSparkles shining […]



The wind glides, as if by an invisible hand, over the great, wide white that reaches to the row of trees back there. The air seems almost frozen. Various spots glitter, they flash briefly and then disappear again, leaving the stage to others. The sun is low in the sky, casting its pale glow over […]



Mentalities. Lifespan. Holidays. Experience. Enjoyment. Growth. Fun. Coffee. Sun. Beach. Sea. Cat(s). All of this is lovely. Living, loving – with it. Through it. For it. By it. Into my soul.


In one direction

The river takes away the story, while the ship stomps on its way in exhaustion. The surface of the waters simultaneously allows a glance into the past, down the river, and a peek into the future, up the river. For the waters that are yet to arrive tell stories of days that haven’t taken place […]



When the silent sounds of the water become inaudible, when the spotlights turn off one by one, when the gloomy reflection of the moon throws back its pale light into my glancing eyes, life is telling me a story. It‘s not joking and by no means unsure, it is just asking me to see things […]

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