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Sometimes I just wondered about itThough mostly I was fineSometimes I created a worldAnd escaped to it, on my mind Yet I had closed down this boxLocked and buried itI had decided long time agoSince I didn’t want to be hurt On purpose I had forgottenDeliberately I stayed awayFor I wanted to think clearIntended to […]


Like Home II

She felt like homeI didn’t know what it felt likewarmsuddensafe She felt like loveI didn’t know what it felt likewarm suddensafe She felt like what I wantedIt feels like I shouldn’t have let her goMy all and my everything I should’ve brought her home.


Inner Circle

HeyWhat you gonna say?Must be something importantOr you wouldn’t be calling me HeyYou’re reaching outYou want someoneJust to listen to your thoughts Or perhaps to reactTo laugh togetherAbout fun, or nonsenseShared joy, double happiness Spending time, giving, reaching outAnd being talked toYou’re not alone, neverWhen you have an inner circle Since they are thereWhen you […]


I So Wish

I used to be fineLife was okayI had arranged with itAnd with all its shit But then you just barged inAnd occupied every cell in my bodyStopped my brainFrom working right You’re really handsomeI love your eyesYou’re everythingSo smart, and so perfect Even with flirting, reallyPerfect from every way aroundDid you know?You didn’t, but I […]



ConnectedAttachedAddictedThat’s what we are With all the good timesThrough all the bad timesWe saw a lot of agonyAnd lots of pain Of tearing my heart apartWhen you were unjustly treatedWhen they locked you inAnd stole your good name Sure, you have flawsAnd they drive me crazyMy brain sees themMy heart doesn’t want to Since you’re […]

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