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Inner Circle

HeyWhat you gonna say?Must be something importantOr you wouldn’t be calling me HeyYou’re reaching outYou want someoneJust to listen to your thoughts Or perhaps to reactTo laugh togetherAbout fun, or nonsenseShared joy, double happiness Spending time, giving, reaching outAnd being talked toYou’re not alone, neverWhen you have an inner circle Since they are thereWhen you […]



Sometimes, we have been to a placeA thousand timesIt was all normalA common place To beTo restTo liveTo work Sometimes, we come to a new placeFor the first timeIt is so simpleAnd ordinary Nothing special really One time, we come to a placeThat we knowThat we thought we knewBut it’s all different One time, you […]

Poems, Poems


They had always asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I’d answer so many different things. I remember wanting to be a bird because of how beautiful and blessed they are to fly, feel and watch the beauty from above, not knowing that not all birds are colourful and not […]