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Sometimes, time runs fast. Other times, it runs slow … like individual sand grains through the hourglass. Almost immeasurable. Sometimes, days flee from the calendar. Other times, they feel like glued to the weeks, to the months. Moving like a snake. Sometimes, the sun shines on the grass, even when it is brown. Tiny clouds, […]


The Opposite

You plan to live your life See the flowers, the hills, the sky You plan to breathe Inhale the fresh air of the seaside You plan to work and relax To keep your mind focused But then, the opposite happens: Your mind and soul are upside down And you have no clue how to deal […]



Had been looking forward Was in an anticipating mood Had been carefully hoping Glad to make things happen But then, again no. Wanted to see a close friend To comfort and listen to them Expected to live some chilling hours And tune out my mind But then again, no.



Talking and locking. Waiting and being torn. Yearning and wondering. Curious and impatient. Serious and happy. Joyful and full of sorrow. Touched and missing. Loving …


Again and Again

Opening your heart is a risky thing. But even after bad memories, you do it again and again, because you feel the need to be held in warm arms and hugged tightly – by someone who could be your someone. Opening your eyes is a risky thing, too. You could see angry faces. Brutal murders. […]

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