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Calm. Ephemeral. Full to the top, with ideas. Hopes. Thoughts — dared to think them. Perceptions. Water. Its swooshing sound. Rarely any light. The yellow castle lights on the other side, they mirror as schemes within the restless surface of the river, subjected to permanent change. Their golden rays seemingly bundle to form a bridge. […]






Trees with no leaves. One after one, waiting to greet people passing by. Can you hear it?Do you sense it?Will you feel it? The blackbird knows. It watches the grey sky, perhaps waiting for its companions. The river knows. It moves. I’m moved. I move. Everything is in motion.



Nothing really mattersWhen you’re inside the bubbleIt all doesn’t come to effectAs long as your circle is closed up Life is colourfulInside your worldWhatever is floating aroundOn the outside, won’t reach you Won’t touch youCan’t drag you down Until you reach Truman’s outer wall It will tear you offWill influence your world From the inside, […]