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Just moments ago

Just moments ago, all was rightAnd the sky was blueBut now all I seeIs blurry and grey Trying to get something doneTrying to take my mind off thingsSorting, processingLove, missing, reasoning And your red heart Stays with me and reminds meOf the wonderful personWhom you were every time.


Dear friend

Dear friend, most of the time you are far away,And yet we understand each other.Somehow we have managed to do thatEven though you and I haven’t known each other long. Of course, we have something in common. Someone.But … we also have many other things in common.Not only that we are almost the same age.Our […]



When the gate opensand the excitement riseswhen the wait is overand the moment has come I close my eyesand thank my Godbecause so much joy and love,I don’t really deserve it. I feel so small,overwhelmedbecause of the many good thingsthat have been prepared for me. Forgotten is the long journey,past the weeks and months of […]


Do you long?

Do you long for the place where peace prevails,The place that comes to rest every day anewAnd reinvents itself, in its always unchanging goodness? Do you long for the time when all are healthy,Where there is no more pain, no more suffering,And everyone rejoices full of strength and health? Do you long for gentleness, compassion, […]


Only you

My joy.My happiness.My gift.That is you. My smile.My heart.My mouse.That is you. My haven of peace.My sun.My energy.My love.That is you,Only you.

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