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The Book

Sitting there with you Saying nothing, spending time Silence writes a book Who is gonna read it? Walking here alone Taking a deep breath Gentle breeze, calming the soul Warming sun for you If you feel lonely and so cold All you need to do Is call my name And I will follow anywhere When […]



Sometimes, you’re alone. Nobody around, and you wish there was someone to talk to. Who’d listen to you. Perhaps not commenting much, although you might want them to add their thoughts when you happen to be stuck in a dead end of your mind. Other times, you’re in the middle of a large crowd. Lots […]



When it’s summer and you happen to look out of the window, you’ll most probably raise your eyes to take a look at a million of green shades, along with some brown strokes of branches. A living light green there, a strong medium green there, and perhaps some teal green when you turn your head […]