When it’s summer and you happen to look out of the window, you’ll most probably raise your eyes to take a look at a million of green shades, along with some brown strokes of branches. A living light green there, a strong medium green there, and perhaps some teal green when you turn your head to peek into that triangular spot of coniferous trees over there, on the right.

So similar in colour, yet so different in shades.

When it’s autumn and you stand at your window, looking at the sky with its strong wind, you will notice the hill slopes turning into all sorts of colours – red like a flame, orange like a delicious fruit, yellow like a traffic light, and brown like a furry bear. The only constant you might notice is the ever immutable teal of that coniferous forest.

So different in colour, yet so similar in a single thing: All of these rainbow colours will, without any exception, too soon fall down, vanish and disappear into nonexistence.

Just – gone.