When your brain is blank, mind the gap. When you’re swamped, lay down. Explore the void, blank peace you are to have after you have accomplished of your own desires. Lay on your bed, and watch the ceiling. At first, it will be white – or whatever colour your ceiling has.

But don’t worry, continue watching. It will soon become a wonderfully arranged canvas. A canvas for your thoughts, first static, then, slowly and over time, more and more moving and dynamic. At first, it will start off having sharp, edgy edges. Rectangular ones. But let minutes and hours pass, allow for days and weeks to sink into your projections, and curves will start to appear.

Fuzziness is the one and only place where dreams are not fought down to cease, but they are beautifully allowed to coexist with whichever calamity occupies the most central parts of your inner self.

Shrink it small, allow the beauty of unjudged calmness to take over. And after it drew its lines, bold and then thin, sometimes golden, other times like floury ornaments – the pen will gradually and cooperatively hand over your conscience to the land of imagination.

Now it is your turn to colourise. You choose the palette, but make it shine. Make people stand and watch in awe. Let me be astonished by your accomplishments.

And one day, you will never want to miss the picturesque picture that you created with your own hands and ideas – unique and inspiring.