Locked in – that’s what you are. Everywhere around you, there is no escape. You can see it in the eyes of people passing by on the outside. They will glance at you, ignorantly or even full of pity. But besides staring, they don’t seem to be moved to action, not even being inspired to, perhaps in your behalf, for your advantage. Friends? Hardly. Some faces you don’t even know, others whom you don’t want to know. Lastly, some acquaintances pass by, but like everybody else, they won’t help you out either.

Still, locked in – that’s what you are. No option to escape this room. Looking outside is permitted, kind of. But then, the centre of the room, it rotates around your own focus, captures your attention back. Gone are other people passing by, gone are the hopes. And soon enough, if you don’t come up with a solution, gone will be your whole life. In vain, perhaps. Time to change it now – if you could only have the slightest clue how.