When time is lapsing, those fluffy bands of clouds move along… and your glance may just get lost in the way they are taking. Sometimes in grey, other times half-transparent, and each small group has a soft cover formed of speckled orange white. Underneath, the black silhouettes of martins, hardly ever alone, but often in […]


The hand

This elegant hand rested calmly, with its feminine gentleness and its silver coloured nails. It relaxed and nestled to the arm that supported her naturally, as if she would already have had him next to her for ages. In reality though, only a few days had passed since she had rejoiced with her soft fingers […]


They will manage

They miss each other. They tease each other. They discuss with each other. Everything that’s important. Approximating, adapting. Stone by stone, edge after edge. Sometimes it will shake, now and then their efforts tremble. The sun won’t always wait before setting. But they will manage. They consult each other. They plan together. They comfort each […]



Calm. Ephemeral. Full to the top, with ideas. Hopes. Thoughts — dared to think them. Perceptions. Water. Its swooshing sound. Rarely any light. The yellow castle lights on the other side, they mirror as schemes within the restless surface of the river, subjected to permanent change. Their golden rays seemingly bundle to form a bridge. […]




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