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When the silent sounds of the water become inaudible, when the spotlights turn off one by one, when the gloomy reflection of the moon throws back its pale light into my glancing eyes, life is telling me a story. It‘s not joking and by no means unsure, it is just asking me to see things […]


They will manage

They miss each other. They tease each other. They discuss with each other. Everything that’s important. Approximating, adapting. Stone by stone, edge after edge. Sometimes it will shake, now and then their efforts tremble. The sun won’t always wait before setting. But they will manage. They consult each other. They plan together. They comfort each […]



There is so much to see Colours Bright lights Dark sides My eyes wander You look I look We feel trust I smile You smile And we could keep looking Forever Distance doesn’t come into play Metres don’t matter Thoughts are cleared Just continuing to watch When the lock is disturbed Nothing can stop you […]


Seven times seven

Seen in the seventh of an instant,Found interesting in seven seconds,Got to know you in seven minutes,Couldn’t forget you after seven hours. Found again in seven days,Stuck to my heart in seven weeks. Learned to appreciate you in seven times seven days.Within a seventh of an instant then:Burnt in? Hurt? Destroyed?Emptied, perhaps. Matching wave length.Incompatible […]



Sharing can be so beautiful –Always? Yes, always. Since shared distressis only half as heavy,and shared happinessbecomes larger than even doubled. It is a multipleto what this joy extends;it loves to occupy every size of room,to make itself comfortable in it. Overflowing, just great,wonderful – you can feel it.You can sense the happiness,and the more when […]

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