In one direction

The river takes away the story, while the ship stomps on its way in exhaustion. The surface of the waters simultaneously allows a glance into the past, down the river, and a peek into the future, up the river. For the waters that are yet to arrive tell stories of days that haven’t taken place so far. Silently, the waves with their gurgling sound continuously wash away the presence in one direction, making it part of a wet, natural archive of the past. Well, some things are immutable.



When the silent sounds of the water become inaudible, when the spotlights turn off one by one, when the gloomy reflection of the moon throws back its pale light into my glancing eyes, life is telling me a story. It‘s not joking and by no means unsure, it is just asking me to see things as they are – finite.



When time is lapsing, those fluffy bands of clouds move along… and your glance may just get lost in the way they are taking. Sometimes in grey, other times half-transparent, and each small group has a soft cover formed of speckled orange white.

Underneath, the black silhouettes of martins, hardly ever alone, but often in a circle of friends, draw a quite transient image. A picture, only to be perceived in the eyes of an attentive spectator – a silhouette of flight paths, backgrounded in frail pastel tones like on a multi-layered painting by a great master.

Indeed, it is a time-lapsed artwork by the One, yes the greatest Master. Each day, every hour and every minute, continuously painted in new colours on the large canvas of the firmament.


Sounds familiar?

Sounds familiar? This moment when you look out of your window and ask yourself if the weather today will be as awesome as in the past days, with warm sunrays and the delightful green grass … But you are sobered by the outlook of a cold, grey, rainy mist. This weather has its good sides, too, you will perhaps just realise later.

Sounds familiar? You happen to meet someone, saying aloud what the other person thinks, senses, perceives. And suddenly you realise that is something you have missed for ages. A calming feeling that someone can actually understand you. That you can just understand them. Sometimes even without any words … and the listening, amending and sharing of thoughts make you happy and gift you a sense of being content.

But — does it sound familiar? You glance into the window, you see flowers, drawings, landscapes. But also memories. And now and then, you get to remember that time is unstoppable while it passes by. A consistent change, and you’re unable to judge whether you like it or not.

Unlived future that has even become impossible. By misunderstandings, errors and lost connections. A mixed feeling indeed.


The hand

This elegant hand rested calmly, with its feminine gentleness and its silver coloured nails. It relaxed and nestled to the arm that supported her naturally, as if she would already have had him next to her for ages. In reality though, only a few days had passed since she had rejoiced with her soft fingers lifting up the yellow green pink bouquet which appeared to be the decorative icing on the cake for the photos of this couple smiling like never before. Sunshine, nearly as bright as their shining faces. The sky, as blue as in the deepest colour pots. The hours, they had passed away as quickly as sand rinsing through an hourglass. Realising that their desire could finally fade away step by step would take time. Confidently, her hand hugged his strong arm, feeling this calmness that she needed so desperately. A uniquely awesome feeling, called love…

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