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Winter is coming.The tree now loses its leaves.There is also a flock of little birdiessitting down in the treetop. They have comfy, warm feathers.Why? So the tree won’t freeze.


Stuffed pet

The stuffie feels comfy– it snores.


Help Me Find

Sometimes I got these days When all things previously important Are fading far way What takes their place? I don’t know, I am not sure A special mood may overcome me I feel like diving deep inside What fills the empty space? The sky is grey, the clouds are dizzy Dizzy is perhaps the exact […]


Thought About It

Tonight, I was lonely, A bit empty, a bit silent. The room was empty, Nobody was there. Then I thought about it, How it had been when we talked When you were there How long has it been since then? I also thought about it, How it was when we met. Some meetings are unimportant— […]


Where Are You?

Written for Josh Sun is shining But I’m whining Because you’re not there Where are you, where? In front of my eyes I see your face I feel your grace Your tender heart It seems too hard That it’s in my imagination And not in reality You raise my fascination I remember your smile Your […]

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