Dear friend, most of the time you are far away,
And yet we understand each other.
Somehow we have managed to do that
Even though you and I haven’t known each other long.

Of course, we have something in common. Someone.
But … we also have many other things in common.
Not only that we are almost the same age.
Our interests are often similar too …

Like me, you love the green in nature,
The growing branches,
The “re-creation of nature”,
That’s what someone once called it.

And when we look up at the sky
Watching the passing clouds
And talk about God and the world,
We can understand each other in any language.

Thank you for spending time with me
For making me a better person.
Let’s always have an open ear for each other
And foster our trust in each other.

Thank you for letting me know you

– Your friend