They miss each other. They tease each other. They discuss with each other. Everything that’s important. Approximating, adapting. Stone by stone, edge after edge. Sometimes it will shake, now and then their efforts tremble. The sun won’t always wait before setting. But they will manage.

They consult each other. They plan together. They comfort each other. They’re share the joy with each other. About the future. The present. Perhaps not about the multitude of planning. Everything, close to everything should become somewhat perfect. The rest can be sanded. That will take time. But … they will manage.

They are silent, sometimes. He will care. She will grieve. That also happens, definitely. There comes to this the certainty, yes the trust that everything will become good eventually. With goals. Effort. Endurance. Patience. And foremost – with respect and their love toward each other. Since they will manage.

Pray. Get started. Make. Explore. Do. Study. Practice. Enhance. Handle. If there is someone managing it – then it is you.

I am sure.