I used to be fine
Life was okay
I had arranged with it
And with all its shit

But then you just barged in
And occupied every cell in my body
Stopped my brain
From working right

You’re really handsome
I love your eyes
You’re everything
So smart, and so perfect

Even with flirting, really
Perfect from every way around
Did you know?
You didn’t, but I do

I want to know you more
Not to find out if you’re perfect
I already know that
I want to know that you are perfect for me

All i want to do
Is listen to you talk
I want to talk to you
With words and voices and gestures

I have a whole world of friends
But I’d rather spend
A seconds glimpse with you
Than days with them

Respect me first
And you’ll earn my respect
People who truly love me
Will eventually understand

There may be a way:
Let’s join forces
And move far, far away
But then again, will it be?

Maybe one day we will be together
Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be
I so wish
I so wish.