Sometimes I just wondered about it
Though mostly I was fine
Sometimes I created a world
And escaped to it, on my mind

Yet I had closed down this box
Locked and buried it
I had decided long time ago
Since I didn’t want to be hurt

On purpose I had forgotten
Deliberately I stayed away
For I wanted to think clear
Intended to stay unaffected

I was fine

Then all out of a sudden
And there is nothing I can do
You appear in front of me
And I realise I was a fool

Help me be
Help me grow
Help me dream
Help me live

I don’t know how to describe it
It’s like nothing I had felt
I don’t know how to handle it
Time perhaps will tell?

You keep staying on my mind
As the first thing in the morning
And remembering your voice
Puts me to sleep

Now I am creating
A world, in my mind
And I am escaping to it
With you on my side

No distance, distortions or conditions
Instead a promise from both of us
Compromise, knowledge
And trust

You would feel home in my arm
Lending you a listening ear
Some silence, a smile, so warm
Always, for you I’d be near

I’d help you be
Help you grow
Help you dream
Help you live

At times I wonder what I could do
Though mostly I am fine
I like this dream of mine
And foremost I love you.