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Sometimes, we have been to a placeA thousand timesIt was all normalA common place To beTo restTo liveTo work Sometimes, we come to a new placeFor the first timeIt is so simpleAnd ordinary Nothing special really One time, we come to a placeThat we knowThat we thought we knewBut it’s all different One time, you […]



They had always asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I’d answer so many different things. I remember wanting to be a bird because of how beautiful and blessed they are to fly, feel and watch the beauty from above, not knowing that not all birds are colourful and not […]


Into Your Eyes

Have you ever wonderedWhat your life will bring?Have you ever asked yourselfWhat comes around? Have you ever dreamed a dreamToo sparkling to be true?Have you ever woken upAnd sighed so deep? I have often thought aboutWhat my life would come to be.Countless times I meditatedAbout events that might come. Though I had never imagined a […]

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