He came in.  The light of the hallway appeared in columns on the dark soil.  No sound was heard then.  Carefully, he put one foot before the other.  He then quietly sat on the edge.  Just now, the hallway lights went off.  Thereafter, darkness almost set in.  An especial fragrance filled the air, which he so fondly smelled.  The lonely lantern, as it lay diagonal to the window, emitted a too scanty light.  He enjoyed the silence—the lack of sensation.  A complete contrast to the loudness he had inside his head, which his thoughts often tangled, then disentangled again – within seconds.  A moment was simultaneously long and short.

Now, his ears tuned in to a tone.  He listened.  Something like a faint rustle.  Slowly, he shifted his gaze.  Dimly then, he recognised the silhouette of a head.  The rustling came from there.  He leaned slightly forward to see better.  The soothing aroma grew stronger.  He then heard the soft breathing distinctly.  The face was familiar to him.  He left his eyes to wander about.  The way she lay on the pillow.  So peaceful.  So beautiful … His thoughts were silenced.  This peace went on to soothing him.  A faint smile crept onto his face.