If not, I was mainly so blind-hearted,
I often thought only of myself at that moment.
Juggled so happily with facts, figures, data, so late,
unfortunately many things had to wait.

Then much changed
By a glance, in a moment,
I hoped I could understand a bit
what—what has happened…

You, simply you,
Just you, just so,
What you are gives you beauty.
You, simply you,
Just you—anyway.
I could ‘get used to you instantly’.

Now I sometimes simply sit there,
Looking in front of me into thin air.
Then, a picture I just saw,
That reminds me of someone I know…

(Because you are)
You, simply you,
Just you, just like before;
I never want to miss you anymore.
You, simply you,
Just you, anyway.
Who can otherwise be, yes who?

There are loads of things that I think of when
I briefly think of you.
A nice word, a thought, even
A flower be it that I give you.

You, simply you,
Just you, just like that,
Just stay the way you are!
You, you simply,
Just you, anyway.
The fact that friends we are
makes me feel so glad.

Yes, you just you, simply you.
Yes, you just you, anyway.